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Author's Show Interview

Why should you read Fighting for the Finish? 

Click below to listen to Jill's intriguing interview on the Author's Show.  After listening, you will want to grab a copy of her book.  Always available on Amazon, or contact her directly for a discounted copy if you mention that you listened to the show.

"Fighting for the Finish" Radio Interview - Jill Mansor
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"Jill, this interview was excellent.  I already read your book, but this interview just makes me want to read it again!  Excellent job!" D.M. Pilesgrvove, NJ
"Excellent interview, truly intrigued!  Had to get a copy." M.S. Woodstown, NJ
"Truly remarkable interview!  Thanks for sending the copy to me so quickly.  I think this book has exactly what I am looking for!" M.M. Cherry Hill, NJ
"What a great interview!  I learned so much more about you and your unshakable faith." C.V. Newark, DE
"You knocked it out of the park!  Sounds like an intriguing book, just ordered my copy.  Can hardly wait to read it!"  K.B. Philadelphia, PA
"After listening to your interview, I just had to get a copy.  This story is blowing my mind!" K.C. Seaford, DE
"After listening to your interview, I just knew I had to hear your story through your book.  I read it that night, read it the next night, and I am going to read it again.  It was that good.  You have been through a lot, but stronger for it.  Thanks for sharing your truly inspiring story!" T.S.  Lancaster, PA
"What a fascinating story, I am ordering my copy today!" B.K. Ashville, NC
"Listening to the interview has gotten me excited to read the book.  Eager to learn more, I can see myself in the near future binge reading this book."  N.U.  West Deptford, NJ
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