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Quick Intro.

I wish I was quick-witted, I am not. Slow on the uptake, but good looking- start cracking up now!

I am a lover of the LORD, Jesus Christ, who saved a wretch like me, and inspired me to write my first book, Fighting for the Finish. I am currently living and operating my horse farm, Raise Your Dreams, located in southern New Jersey. Teaching in a public high school for thirty-three years has refined me and given me a purpose. I thought I would save the kids, but they saved me. Even though I retired two years ago, many of my students are still in touch with me. As soon as I retired, I was struck with one of the most aggressive forms of cancer. It took me to a pit I never knew existed, but I saw how God miraculously healed me (another blog story in the future). I teach at a local university and own a small business where I do loan signings.

This blog will serve to encourage and strengthen all. As I stated, I am not anything special, but through the extraordinary guidance of God, I have accomplished great feats! Buying my horse farm as a single woman, beginning my farm business, writing a book, and achieving what all said was impossible. I stand on the verse that has sustained me throug

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