Her passion was horses, not spiritual warfare.  Every word of this story is true.  Instead of bar hopping while she was single, Jill agreed to house-sit for others while they went on vacation.    One of these houses was more than a house- it was a mansion of over over six-thousand square feet with a horse farm, which stood on more than eighty acres of prime real estate near a quaint little town in Southern New Jersey.  A pool, a barn with many horses, and a gorgeous hous to lounge in was an escape that Jill relished.  Instead, what she experienced there could have come straight from The Amityville Horror. 

       Get ready for a rough ride as Jill takes you through one year of her life that begn in fear and culminated in faith.  This is a woman who knows what it means to be an overcomer.

       Remember, when you're at the end of your rope, God is at the other end.  If you have ever doubted that God is in charge, this book will reignite your faith.


Fighting for the Finish

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