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If anyone hasn't read Jill's book, you should! She has a great passion for Christ, a beautiful spirit, and a heart for those in need of a Savior. When the Devil tried to keep her from accepting Jesus, she battled spiritual warfare which turned her heart to Jesus, and He brought her through it to the life He prepared for her. She's never regretted it, and God has used her to touch more lives than she knows. She's one of those people that when you meet her, you want to be friends with her and spend time in her presence because there's something different about her--a sense of truth and realness this world so badly needs--and it's all because of her relationship with Jesus.- Jennifer     3/10/2019

Jill's story shows courage that results in a faith that changed her life! Read this book, and you will be encouraged. Life can be scary, but there is help. You can find it through Jill's story. There is hope.- Donna 12/30/2018

Life is all about spiritual battles...some are just more obvious than others. Jill has seen the enemy & found God’s Love is abundantly stronger. I recommend this book to everyone because no one is exempt from Satan’s attacks. This book is a reminder of just how great God is.- Tracey  12/20/2019

Emily Bellamente Gill recommends Fighting for the Finish written by Jill Mansor: "I borrowed Fighting for the Finish, written by Jill Mansor, from a friend. I began reading it right away, and could not put it down! I read it in less than a day, but it’s message will stay with me forever. Her testimony about how (and why) she accepted Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior had my heart racing! The book is passionately well-written, and I was excited to get my own autographed copy. I’ve already encouraged another friend to read it, because I want everyone to know about Jesus. Maybe someday I’ll write my own! Thank you, Jill!"  12/20/2018

Jill Mansor's memoir, Fighting for the Finish, is a passionate description of her spiritual journey that led her to the realization that "with God all things are possible" (Matthew 19:26). On a horse farm in rural South Jersey, Jill gains the courage to overcome supernatural obstacles because of her newly found faith in Jesus Christ who is now the guiding force in her life's work.  Her extraordinary experience inspired her to open her own farm aptly named Raise Your Dreams where she now teaches equine therapy and shares her testimony.

Venise Grossmann- 5 Star Review on Amazon (1/5/2018)

This is an exceptionally well written book that will captivate your interest from page on through the final paragraph!  Maybe even more importantly it gives the reader tremendous insight into the never ending spiritual battles that all experience in one way or another!  Jill Mansor has been give a "Divine" gift so read this book keep your eyes peeled for whatever she shares next!-  Emerson Woodward, March 14, 2018

This is no ordinary Christian journey.  Filled with adventure and life lessons of good and evil, it kept me on the edge of my seat.-  TLF, March 13, 2018