Jill Mansor


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*Wishy-Washy!!!  Not Jill Mansor!  She speaks plain and clear.  “I need to be a better rider, and I can’t read horses," I told Jill when we met.  That began a story. Let me just say that God had so much more for me.  When Jill speaks, she gets my attention.  Candidly, situations, and decisions of her life are shared, then comes the passion as she so naturally applies the Word of God to each one. Sometimes I laugh till tears stream down my face, other times the tears come from sadness.  She really pulls me in.  However, I am never left hanging, pulled back through the Word with trust and faith.  I am encouraged.  Joy and gladness fill my heart; my spirit is lifted as I am reminded of God’s faithfulness and love.  I have never experienced the Word so alive and applicable.  Jill teaches, models, inspires and connects me to the Word in a way that I have never known was possible.  She uses her lively, genuine voice that the Lord has given her to WAKE ME UP!!!"- Donna Rittersbacher



*When Jill Mansor speaks, I think she is articulate, confident, and passionate about her topic.  She also has a sense of humor."- Sharon Constantine